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ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Ne on iha paska tiimi anyways
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Ence has been around since forever lol
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
They beat ENCE because ENCE is a low skilled trash team that has been around for years and still cant beat or become tier 1-2 team.
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Kinda expected from Finnish players to lose a match like this
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Ence on aivan vitun hirvee tiimi haha
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Huh? They won just as I expected them to. ENCE is an awful ass team lol
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
Early congratz to Royal Bandits for their first and one of many wins against ENCE and other bad teams! :D
How many euros in ur bank account?
Thanks bro, I wish the same to you
How many euros in ur bank account?
I have to pay 350€ a month to live here.
How many euros in ur bank account?
A friend of mine has a C series mercedes wagon which is fairly cheap in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. I’m looking for something similar. The same thing applies to cheap cars bro, you’ll ...
Are people actually watching this match?
How many euros in ur bank account?
My parent aka my mother is jobless and cant work because of a work related injury and lives on welfare. believe when I say I get nothing from her, I’m the one that brings the food to our table. I wor...
McSkillet suicide
I don’t feel empathy for anyone that a) chooses suicide as treatment for mental issues and b) decides the best way to commit suicide is by driving into oncoming traffic and killing 2 innocent people i...
McSkillet suicide
He started the trend of skin showcases and inventory videos. Of course pioneers of a certain trend are gonna get views. That’s literally how it goes in every other trend as well. The thing is there ar...