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GuardiaN best option for NAVI
no kazakhstan players - no major, so it should be hobbit or mou
Navi no Ukrainians
yeah you are just mad man who can't get the point of what i said. live long in your hated world and i hope that bad russians would not make you cry. sad that people can be so angry.
Navi no Ukrainians
damn you're just mad man. you equal the whole nation to some bastards with guns. you think that all ukrainians are innocent? there are bastards among them too. this war forced by government and cruel ...
Navi no Ukrainians
you are blind my friend, this is government war, don't be that guy
Navi no Ukrainians
yeah why cis people hate each other?
Navi no Ukrainians
why ukrainians hate russians? wtf is wrong with u people?
Vitality vs AVANGAR
no one can stop two gods
Na'Vi without s1mple
yeah i know, nitr0 said once that s1mple is just a regular player so s1mple promised to destroy liquid in the next match but he doesn't ofc.. so i see where it comes from but still he have to respect ...
Na'Vi without s1mple
he have to respect his teammates and opponents, by doing this 'knife kill' he showed how big is his ego, but ego of one player should not be bigger than team
are russians smart?
wtf. i was sayin about cs players and u just go with policy. why u said about trump, kim jung? i didnt spoke about putin, his policy. ur words doesnt make a sense. i just said that putin would be a pr...
are russians smart?
what are you talking about? why always russian? stupid players can be of any nationality, i met them all xD. and i met a lot of smart players from russia. and putin reelected by himself lol.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
vega? ez for ss? lol