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TACO LEAK ?!?!?!??!?!
i dont think there is any way he would ever wanna do that
Astralis vs MIBR
you have to link steam and twitch account... this should be so obvious, that i think you're too retarded to do it, so just never mind i guess
k0nfig lmfao
wtf that's harsh
k0nfig lmfao
what is the correlation between complexity and konfig ? i honestly dont get it
North vs Spirit
+1 and spaceS
North vs Spirit
i had spirit 0-3 but changed to complexity, RIP my ass
Astralis Rules
ah thats okey dokey man
+1 in my opinion there should be at least a little bit of a crowd, maybe like in the ELEAGUE studio with like 100 people, makes it much more interesting
Astralis Rules
wtf man if you dont keep your flair youre not a real fan dude never change your flair
Astralis Rules
maybe yes :D can't change it now :D
Which knife?
my friend it seems you don't know of it's the same as opskins, only it's made by germans and they don't care about all the unnecessary features opskins has so they wont get their bots ba...
Astralis Rules
gotta keep in my mind though, the players are probably really nervous playing astralis and of course we as observers have much more information on what's happening around the map
Astralis Rules
honestly they dont necessarily fucked up big time, the problem is just that any mistake you make will 100% be exploited by astralis, making even the smallest mistake looking like the reason for a lost...
it's the one with hellraisers right now