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You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2027-09-19T20:30:38Z

I should leave you all guys, thank for the understandin'.

And Jonathan E. is a stupid durk who can't understand my problem.

Goodbye, I'll never back again.

And also below you can see my biography, as always, I would be honored if you read it!

Logic broke up with Jessica Andrea, it is so sad (03/20/2018)

2 love to the mob <3

My nicknames:

- Liftoff | (reference to Takeoff when he was left off bad and boujee)
- luv_is_baiter | (nothing complicated, just read like 'lil uzi vert is baiter')
- True2Self | (reference to Bryson Tiller's album 'True to Self')
- BrokenClocks | (reference to SZA's single 'Broken Clocks')

I don't use caps lock anymore, sorry

P.S: Bryson Tiller is literally a god:

Blow that dope, don't.

Yeah, the clocks are actually broken.
I'm sad about it.

And yeah, I like apostrophes.
Forum posts
He's back, but my clocks will never come back to me. I'm depressed over this shit.
Role of edward and zeus
Their role is to clear the shit for the 3 main players and fix my clocks. But they don't do that! I think that life will punish them.
R8 Hot Latina
Man, if this shit will happen with you, you're not gon' think as you think right now, I guess.
R8 Hot Latina
It means that I stopped thinkin' soberly, at this moment. I hope you won't be in my place.
Almost got stabbed in brazil
I was at these 5%, as you can understand.
Almost got stabbed in brazil
I got stabbed in my heart when my clocks was broken. I'm depressed and cryin' over this shit!
vladik worst hltv user?
And how do you want to find it? I lost it in the fuckin' Jakarta, where do you live?
vladik worst hltv user?
That won't solve the problem! Still can't find it like 2 years, it was the most valuable possesion in my fuckin' life, bro!
vladik worst hltv user?
He's not the worst, but the worst thing in my life that my clocks are broken! I'm so mad right now! I have a fuckin' depression, it pierces me inside.
why streaming on facebook?
It's not a joke, it's my biggest problem. Still can't deal with losin' the most valuable thing in my fuckin' life!
What to do
Fix my clocks, I'd appreciate it.
CS:GO scene is shit
You're only wakin' up today? Hello! CS:GO became a shit from 2015-2016, period, when my clocks was broken and I lost it.
why streaming on facebook?
Because my clocks are broken. If they will fix it, then the stream will be on the twitch.
Never, only if Valve will fix my broken clocks.
Steam Games CDKeys
Thank you, but it won't fix my clocks.