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fnatic 5th?
If Fnatic pick up znjader they might as well just close their CS team. This current line up is bad enough
khabib - mcgregor
if Khabib gets a hold of Conor its GG. Conor isn't stopping Khabibs grappling, it doesn't matter who he trains with.
How to beat Astralis
Happy is good for no team... he had Scream throwing smokes and flashes for like a year while he still used his bait/lurk style that doesn't work anymore
Thorin blocked coldzera on Twitter?
everyone should block Thorin... hes an old man making trash jokes for 10 year olds and saying shit like "banter" then he cries and trashes pros because they don't want to be interviewed or do stupid i...
How to beat Astralis
French team > Astralis
Another superteam huh OMEGALUL
How to beat Astralis
Navi literally learned nothing from Liquid match... why would you not ban Nuke regardless. I cant see Astralis risking Cache pick in a Major final
New Swedish team
JW 0.96 Krimz 1.14 LUL in what world was JW better. He either gets back using AWP or kick him, hes not s1mple or dev1ce so why does he get this stupid "hybrid" role or whatever you want to call it. JW...
Coldzera >> S1mple
Cold sat watching LUL
mibr reason 4 loss
MIBR saving strats for all the Tier 2 events they will soon have to play when they stop getting invites
Bo3 final
Best of 5 takes like 7 hours nobody wants that. BO3 no excuses let's go
everyone thinks csgo is dying ...
COD about to take over LUL CS is done
ZEUS 2 majors
And he won one with Gambots and Dosia LULUL
Qualifier > Major
Because all of them are at similar levels. Only NaVi and Astralis know how to play
youngtalent live