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overrated movies ?
sry, i didnt laugh so loud irl
overrated movies ?
Create the team you dislike most
Magisk Stewie Twistzz Smooya Scream
I r8 your first name
How to be not tilted
dont take game so srsly, when is someone toxic, ignore him, take this game like game even when you want to try to be ,,pro"
xd, yes, these guys selling best things, police like 5 metres next to them and dont give a fuck.. +1 watch czech honest guide you will see who sells fake currency, + dont take a taxi, take uber, our t...
For czechs money = money, you can give them some rose and they will give some gramms, black guys at evening selling everything (in Prague), dont change money on street by some ppl who are not minimal ...
USA overrated
oh, i get it now ... it wasnt meant like a dash, but like a ,,minus". Sry bro. And whats so bad on cis? I dont really know bcs i wasnt in any country of cis yet and i didnt read any info.
USA overrated
Not at all, you think America is a dream like in films? Ask anyone who went from Europe (West or central) to America.
3rd September in Czech republic.
Devve tattoo
wtf :D
Devve tattoo
its true f.e. with Twistzz but fnx looks better imo
He said hes playing only with his team, if he before tournament train everyday f.e. like 30 mins (not much) he can be much better.
Astralis makes CS boring to watch
If you watch cs for a long time you know they are overaming, they dont have somehow special strats, but its true they dont fail their strats, probably best communication in cs.
Astralis makes CS boring to watch
Astalis #1 Now wait.... Starseries 5 final was Navi vs Nrg, funny match to win bcs navi knew they are better so played like this. Astralis is few times better than Liquid, they know it and they are s...