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GF cheated on me i hope this helps you, this helped me at that moment. now i am completely fine bookmarked this thread in case others may need the...
NaVi - Liquid
overpass (na'vi) d2/mirage (most probably dust2, liquid pick) nuke or inferno
Zowie FK1
i have fk1+ and qck hyperbeast but fk1+ is for ambidextrous and sometimes i find it uncomfortable because the top is flat so i'm going to recommend you the ec2-b if you're right-handed
i mean the trip is not for 1 or 2 nights you know, its for a whole week or something
a hotel, motel, hostel doesn't matter / we will probably get idk a sandwich or something to save money, mcdonald's, kfc etc / yea maybe, we want to visit the countries / 1 or 2 nights
yeah but they ended selections on 31 december 2018
oh this discussion ends here
scuffed hotel, 1 or 2 nights
no i just want to know how much money do i need, seems like you dont know english
Nomad in your room
who the fuck is nomad
1050 or 1050ti
i have i5 8400 8gbram and 1050ti and i have a MINIMUM 200-250 fps on all maps, it doesn't go lower playing 8x msaa 16x anisotropic 1280x960
Do you beleive to Zywoo?
lmao he switched to knife when he peeked and thats why he did that weird thing looking to wall and shit, it happened to everyone :P
Do you beleive to Zywoo?
s1mple top 1 hahahaha
you're the one who created this topic lmfao bot
s1mple top 1 hahahaha
i started being obsessed with myself after she broke up with me and for #112 look at the kd and kr and avg kills on last 20 matches thanks israely oh, and