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Bolsonaro savior of brezil?
It's not. Bolsonaro had my support, but has been doing a terrible job leading the country in such sensible moment. Firing Mandetta when he was a good job, trying to obstruct judicial investigations by...
Does meyern speak good english
Meyern isn't ready for FaZe. He wasn't ready for MiBR. FaZe won't take that risk, especially considering they have much better options in Lekr0, FalleN and ALEX, or even (much more difficult) in anot...
Fallen to faze
I never heard FalleN (or any other SK-MIBR core player) talk about fox. But I don't necessarily see things that way. From what I saw, I must admit that it doesn't seem (at least in my opinion) that a...
Fallen to faze
Well, respectfully, I disagree. fox wasn't, certanily, a powerhouse back in January 2017 (and I am saying that as a fellow Portuguese), and FalleN was a two-time Major champion. I think that, almost i...
Fallen to faze
Maybe he wouldn't. We've seen how he delivered and allowed fox to play with the AWP, even though fox, at the time, wasn't absolutely awful with rifles. FalleN is capable enough to understand (I reckon...
ALEX or Lekr0 ?
Is FalleN possible?
Faze +who?
It really depends if Olof's "break" is temporary or definitive. If it is definitive, and the breakup with FaZe is real, I would suggest FalleN or ALEX, that would give much-needed team and tactical st...
Furia fix
Don't try to change FURIA, as it is a good team nowadays. VINI doesn't seem to frag a lot, but it seems to me that he has an important role regarding team's structure.
csgo mm is honestly hard
Develop your friends list on Steam. Find actually decent guys to play, and build from there. As you were saying, the average level of opponents in MM is rather low, so, if you find 5/6/7 reliable team...
Today it's my birthday
Happy birthday!
Brazil #1
To be honest, Bolsonaro's health policy has been a disaster. Even though the decision about lockdowns and other kinds of similar measures are being taken by Governors and Mayors, Bolsonaro's rejection...
Who is Astralis standin-IGL?
According to JUGi, Magisk is the offical de-jure IGl of the team, but, due to the new coach's rule, Zonic is probably calling and deciding de facto.
Make a team !!!
Portugal: - MUTiRIS - rmn - fox - KillDream - ZELIN
If it is in that point, see a psychologist. Anyways, are you enjoying studying the subject you're studying? It seems to me that there might be a lack of interest that is affecting you in terms of eff...
Device isnt the goat
Consistency-wise, maybe, but Astralis does a massive job there. It's easier to play well when you are in such a dominant team.