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Jonty, Skeleton_sn
Is this still a thing even in 2019? Lmfao
Faze Hunter Nikos bro
Cousin And no, that won't happen even if they get to the major
189 cm 115 kg
No, I'm on shape. I know a lot of people as tall as me and way skinner. 76kg is a healthy weight for 190cm
Top 5 2018
Naf should have been #5 and electronic #6 :( But yeah, the top will obv be like this
189 cm 115 kg
190cm 76kg You gotta work out bro
Which is the most accurate and respected ranking system nowadays
Mibr 2018 was not one of the biggest failures. Yes it didn't work out that well, but they kept themselves always on top 10, finishing the year in 4th. Where's 100T? So much money wasted.
Giants vs Nordavind
You'll get it next season boys Let's hope Movistar get the qualification, spaniard brothers!
Giants vs Nordavind
Heads up Rizz, next map will be better, let's get the bo3 boys!
North of Portugal people come here!!
GL m8, good to see people working on little things that bit by bit help developing the scene on a national level! But hey, that's what we, Portuguese people, are know for, right? Hardworking! Best of...
Why is "Jonty" so mad?
Are we seriously still doing the jonty meme half past 2018? Reminds me of how long locker boy was around. Tought we were better guys...
Faze Cromen
Cromen is 100% waiting for major to end so that he can get into one of the top teams, really wanna know where he'll end up... I feel bad for karrigan but that would be cool af
fejtZ to tempo storm
Can't Estonians and polish people communicate with some ease? I have no idea if the languages are even similar but I do have seen ropz for example speaking to players from other cis countries in Eston...
fejtZ to tempo storm
If that's true about byali then yeah it would be a cool and smart move to get those 3 reunited +2 talented young players
fejtZ to tempo storm
Innocent will be part of byali new team so it would be cool for tempo storm to create an Estonian main core team around HS. Either that or they'll pick up byali's team