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Countries wih 1 pro player
Didn't he quit cs tho? Cromen too! I forgot about them
Countries wih 1 pro player
Well yeah, guess you're right. At the moment only ex6 and scream are paying the rent with cs alone
Countries wih 1 pro player
And the boys who played wesg? Youyou, toinou and some other dude. They did cool in the tournament
Countries wih 1 pro player
There's at least 2 Norwegian coming to my mind, rain and rubino (currently no team but certainly a pro), besides kvik from QBF you got Kalinka and espiranto, there's more Portuguese players playing pr...
What means 'idk' ?
Not a nice guy at all
What means 'idk' ?
No, idc = I don't care, idk means "I don't know". Have a very nice day aswell, read more carefully tho!
if faze wins today vs sk...
Will you really?
Tarik vs Xantares
Oke, ty!
QBF cheating?
Imo they're feeling the motivation of their lives. They've never felt this good playing CS and never played in such high level and suceeded. They were lucky to get to the main qualifier, now they're 1...
Is 1m80 midget ?
Aye bro, skinny aswell here. Imo we're not gigantic, but 1.70m portuguese plebs think so ^^
Is 1m80 midget ?
Is 1m80 midget ?
I'm 1.90m and all my friends here treat me as of I were some gigantic creep, 1.80m is definitely normal
Tarik vs Xantares
Was tarik born in turkey? Does he also have double citizenship just like gob b and maj3r?
1m71 AMA
Is 1.70m-75 that small? I mean, I'm 1.90m so I never payed attention to average heights
Top 20 hltv players - your country
He's got double citizenship