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Mixwell 4k vs Izako Boars
My bad for misspelling a word Sir. Grammar. Allow me to translate anything in my language to English so that we can spot the mistakes in my writing and laugh together! I won't even criticize you, bei...
Portugal come here
Yeah, hopefully fox will realize that he can't fit in any more international projects even tho he can still perform and will make a full pt team. Allu has done it in Finland, mixwell now did it in Spa...
Mixwell 4k vs Izako Boars
No, that was a mistake in gotv, he had a proper score the hole game
This is some quality bait, so many turks falling for it ahah
fox future???????????????????
Once be hits rock bottom again he'll probably do the same mixwell has done in Spain
Besides being easy to create or get cheats, many people do it because it's a hard game to develop on your own if you're not willing to play it passionately and frequently. Moreover, it ends up being a...
Gtfo Snax
Washed up? He's not 50yo like neo etc
Mixwell vs Ska
Doesn't matter, ska will retire and mix has assembled a Spanish team. They're both out of top tier cs, at least if mixwell gets there with this new team it will take a while to happen
Dragons vs KPI
Indeed, if there was any team capable of playing MDL on this tournament it was undoubtedly Giants, too bad they had a bad day.... KPI will need roster changes if they want to do something reasonable i...
Dragons vs KPI
Alright, thanks!
Might be griezmann if France win World Cup, if not then it's going to be Ronaldo again, sorry... But hey, cheer up, mbappe is probably going to win a few of them in the future!
Dragons vs KPI
Winner qualifies for MDL, no? Last year movistar did so
Dragons vs x6tence
Mixwell could easily assemble a top 30 team with his country man but that would be a downgrade for him and his talent :(
New C9, FaZe, Liquid & MIBR
Yeah, that lasted for about 2 months? Then he cried back to fallen to do it again
why HR in CIS minor ?
They can play in any qualifier due to players nationalities being worldwide and having no main nationality between players :^)