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s1mple isn’t top 1
You have to realize that's it's even harder to play as well as s1mple is when you have a shit team than when you have a good team around you. S1mple top 1 EZ
websites you visit daily?
Youtube ESPN kickassanime
S1mple was undoubtedly the MVP of this tournament, his stats we're even more dominant then is starladder, also he lead in 13 of the 23 categories hltv keeps track of for the tournament. No one was eve...
S1mple #1 2018
Just look at these stats in Big Events this year, S1mple is leading in 10 of the categories and he has a commanding lead in almost everyone of them compared to the rest of the top 5, and is at least t...
s1mple > krimz
NAVI have made every semi-final in every tournament they have played this year. Do some research, also S1mples has played almost as many maps as krimz did in the last three months. S1mple: https://ww...
s1mple > krimz
S1mple is the best everything
Nice list but it's too soon to label Astralis number one yet, if they do when yes they are #1 but if not the true #1 still hasn't been decided yet
Mouz still nr1
Why is everyone hyping Astralis? I can see they are playing well at the moment, but they don't have any results in 2018
s1mple is cheating, 0 doubt in my mind
Look at s1mple when he gets a kill, his whole body shakes like he just got scared by something
explain to me this
French event
"AdBlock" was banned by
I turned easylist filter off and it works now
Let's hope they keep up the good form
Who's top1
S!mple is the top 1 team
new pc
Yeah but 240 gb goes quickly when you have your os and games on it. Especially if you keep getting new games