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major simulations
nice predictions, thanks for sharing
major simulations
i used the logic of IEM (first vs. last...), maybe its different along the tournament, but what matters is the qualified/eliminated xd
major simulations
thank you!! i'm not sure about FURIA qualifying, just put there because i'm brazilian and really believe in them lol, could be them or avangar
major simulations
mibr met with astralis twice, but i dont remember if it was in different stages i used the logic of IEM (first vs. last...), maybe its different along the tournament
major simulations
it's true, i used the logic of players, G2 is stronger than them in firepower, but they are so much low lately. i'm hoping g2 praticed a lot, let's see. i think tyloo with new members are most likely ...
major simulations
i hope so!! would be great
MAJOR this would be funny
major simulations
i agree with you, NRG is strong but this Cloud9 almost beat astralis last year... i'm sure both will qualify. my renegades choice was random, i think it's them, avangar or furia to qualify
major simulations
could happen, but its just a simulation
major simulations
i was in doubt with this too, but Tyloo has 2 new members and the team could be trying to get along still... i dont know about FURIA, i'm brazilian and really believe in them, if they wont choke they ...
major simulations
thank you! i dont know if they can beat avangar, but i really hope they qualify
major simulations
i think ENCE its way better than spirit, but really could beat them in BO1, Tyloo has 2 new members, Vitality is coming strong and G2 could be hiding something, i think they are better than Vega too
major simulations
lol it's because i'm brazilian, i really believe in them xd
major simulations
its my dream but reality sucks
major simulations
the first were originals from the IEM, then i simulated who would win and did the rest xd where I made a mistake? but do you agree with the qualified and eliminated?
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