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K23 vs CrowCrowd
K23 should pick nuke, cuz kade0 will play nuke for k23 instead of fame, 5v4 ez
g2 problem!
they need a primary awper so niko can drop a big numbers -jAckZ/-amanek +xsepower/idisbalance/elian/smooya/snatchie/jugi/lucky/osee
Oh yeah, i forgot that jackinho was an awper
Hm, i think lekro upgrade them in tactical things too, so it would be nice if forest or lekro would be igl, and they -friberg -heap +krimz +brollan. Fnatic can bring new line up like lucky/jugi awp, g...
CIS CS too stronk
Oh yeah, but we have not seen their mathes yet, so they dont need a changes right now, i think with that roster they can be a new vp
CIS CS too stronk
Now CiS have a good 4 teams (navi,gambit,spirit, vp) that winning vs tier 1-2 teams and do not need changes. I want to these teams come alive with new rosters Nemiga (idisbalance, jyo, patsi, lolipop,...
Astralis Talent vs Lyngby Vikings
There is only one talent in this team ffs, kick other 4 bots
AGF vs Astralis Talent
Zyphon better than monesy???
Good anime
xd sry
Good anime
Yeah, kinda strange animation, but plot is good man
Good anime
Naruto, Titan Attack, Tower of God, Death Note, Bleach, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Noragami, Erased, The promised neverland, Kuroko no basket
What happened?
2nd clip pls
Espada vs Galaxy Racer
spirit pls give degster a chance in main roster instead of idisbalance
SAW vs Wygers
-larsen +sunpayus if he is not older than 22
Envy vs forZe
-nifty -legija(back to coach) -thomas +dycha +snatchie +decent igl (rusty or tabz)