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HLTV Programming Language
C# used (by experienced devs ofc) as main stack when you do need to interact with windows eco-system itself (for example: mssql, domain system etc.). C used as back-end only by masochists. Normal prog...
HLTV Programming Language
You could build site of this kind with any tech stack. The only complicated moment is real-time match statistics. And please, do not use Node.js as main back-end technology.
21+ 1st time on Adderall
Our body is simple enough. If you want something from it, then be ready to return. All the stimulators is bullshit. Just eat healthy food, go to gym, wake up early.
Any JAVA geeks can help?
Use regular expression + any kind of sort algorithm. Junior task
TOP 10 now
+1 should be higher, like a 0. Vici Gaming
most funniest country?
Just check out Turkmenistan then
Navi changes
Just look at their faceit profiles. Only S1mple needs that win...
Ultimate Asian Team
pashaBiceps NEO TaZ byali Snax
From the new ones i think NF and Logic both worth the mention. I like rap music with the significance. Kanye, Kendrick, Asap have a good flow and beats. But significance is 404 not found. Their music ...
overrated jobs
In my case its programmers. Very high salary at the beginning. A lot of dumbs, who don't care about clean code or algorithms/patterns. Just know how to use framework X. Don't know how their favourite...
Job Interview today
It's hard to give tips without industry that you are working in.
I kissed the pizza delivery girl
How does it turn out to be funny and cute when people creating such a stupid post
Am i the best lvl 5 faceit player
Wtf, how do you writing and moving simultaneously?
But everyone have a price. You could buy anything with $$$$ that is problem of this world.
wtf admins
They deleted this because of very bad and obvious bait.