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F for VP <3
Full respect, thank you for all good matches VP gave for us !
which knife?
which car to buy bmw 5 or 3 ? Just wait 20 years, u will get from scrap yard for free
Your hairstyle?
bald cause old :(
i guess your iq
Im sorry sir.
i guess your iq
probably more than i really have :D
i guess your iq
UK 2k14 VP DMG 2K
Cause they cant deal with them loosing hair, simple, im loosing a lot now, and soon gonna be like Krimz (actually he looks ok, no homo). But in a hat im looking like a retard, so im fucked basically, ...
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Omg, im feeling much better now, my bets are like 10-20$ :D just for fun. Anyway, good luck in future.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Yeah maybe u right, if they would lost 16-5 for example, the ill be allright, but 15-14, and 17-15 in ot. cmon man, this is really frustrating ;)
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Cause odds were fantastic, and big is trrash, and still they nearly won, so, just unlucky.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
me cause they fuckin lost my bet, so mad.
115 Fortnite Wins
I have 140 wins, but nearly 5k games played, so basically im trash. But still like this game, and no, im not a virgin, i have dog. cya loosers.
First flight
Its nice, nothing to be worried about, just the pressure will make your ears like "closing" inside, hard to explain, but take some chewing gum or candies, it helps. And enjoy your flight ;)
fnatic vs BIG
Really i still dont understand how Big can be better than Fnatic in this match (odds). I put all my money (10 bucks) for fnatic, maybe because i still live in 2015.
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
navi always fuckin my bets, yesterday on faze, today astralis, fuck this