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Flamie and Coldzera in childhood (rare photo)
Zeus/Karrigan trash
zeus is a legendary IGL and player, clearly you have not seen his 1.6 fragging performances just look at where he took gambit and where they are after he left karrigan on the other hand is a good IGL...
Federer FANS
fed: "hey rafa give this greek punk a few lessons for me, yeah?" rafa: "ok"
NiKo deserves top 2
Running a quick stats comparison on individual players has been interesting. I am looking at s1, niko, guardian, cold and device. Most at all time stats, but also 2018. 1. s1mple - undisputed top fra...
If device is #1
hilarious if 2014 kennyS never got #1 and device got it ecovice would need Anusol if he ever had to compete head-to-head in awp skills
NiKo deserves top 2
what? better than Ecolai "i stand still with awp and team tells me when they're coming" Reedz?
device GOAT
lol never been close to no 1 in any year ever
Dev1ce go 1 vs 1 S1mple
starting from fresh account and both players climb to GE i bet s1 will get to GE hours sooner
FaZe vs MIBR
that was amazing by godian tho
G2 vs Sharks
never seen a more hopeless team at nuke
-edward -flamie
it was flamie and zeus who underperformed and history says kicking zeus is probably the worst idea in csgo
Astralis Cheats?
it may not be 'cheating' word.exe but perhaps some graphical settings can give you an unknown advantage, how is one team so good through smoke?
what the fuck is gambit doing? from winners in poland to losing to t4 teams after replacing your best players
Xizt 8/19
except they've gotten better results-wise with him, so...
Astralis fraud team
you are probably one of those wogs who barrack for the pies