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Roster changes after Major
Who the igl then ? S1mple ?
She :v
In this major main qualifier, the igl burden that nitr0 has is being passed to zews, and because of that nitr0 can frag freely, i think he doesnt fit the igl role, like shoxie for example
nV -ScreaM
But the current misfits is good but it need more firepower
fnatic the last org? (legends in every major)
Because he was sick back then ?
nV -ScreaM
Misfits will become full french teams ?
Cloud9 Improvements?
Sean is, in my opinion is the best NA igl, but his team firepower is not very strong that's why when they go againts tier 1 teams or teams that have many firepower, sean's team is easily destroyed
Cloud9 Improvements?
Shroud lose his motivation to play cs, that's why
Cloud9 Improvements?
I think that is the mindset of faze clan, more firepower means more achievement, BUT, that firepower will eventually lose it's "magic" and the proof ? Iem oakland and epl finals
mousesports vs Renegades
He igling and because of that, nitr0 can frag freely
mousesports vs Renegades
But unfortunately rng didnt make it, but still ma boi liquid make it with their coach, their fucking coach
Liquid wasted spot explanation
mousesports vs Renegades
Thanks God, i hope navi and mouz will qualified
best igl in csgo
In terms of strat, gla1ve and fallen are in the same level. BUT, in terms of frag fallen is way, way better than glaive that make the differents between these two igl
If fallen interested in money rather than make himself a bazillian cs scene foundation, i think he will join faze, that's just my imagination so dont take it seriously