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Haircut price in your country
18/19 Premier League Topic
I'm a Liverpool supporter bro and I think they have very strong team this season.My point is that lets say last season we lost the CL because we didnt have a good replacements for the strikers.Now we ...
18/19 Premier League Topic
1.Liverpool/City 2.Liverpool/City 3.Man United 4.Arsenal 5.Tottenham 6.Chelsea It's hard to predict right now because a lot of things should be considered.If Chelsea keep Hazard and Courtois and make ...
Favourite footbal teams ?
England Belgium Brazil France Croatia looked like the best team until now,I really like them and I hope they go far,but I am not very optimistic,that Balkan mentality might fuck them up. They can beat...
your country
Good:history Bad:pretty low salaries,muslims,education... almost everything xD
Best football match
Liverpool-Dortmund 4-3
Birthday twin
26 May
These Man Utd fans don't have a reason to be happy and celebrate about their team,this must be the happiest night of their lives as the biggest English team lost xD
Super teams
France: Happy shox ScreaM KennyS apex Brazil: FalleN coldzera fer boltz fnx NA: tarik NAF EliGe twistzz Stewie CIS: ANGE1 s1mple electronic Flamie AdreN Denmark: gla1ve dupreeh device xyp9x magisk Swe...
nt prokda
Champions League
Hahah I can't calm down bro after supporting this team for 11 years finally I think they are close and good enough to win some titles:D
Champions League
Liverpool will win CL whoever they play in the semifinals and finals. YNWA <3
Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World
Yes they can, at least Macedonians,Bulgarians,Serbians,Croatians.. The way they talk is similar to Czech and I can say and pretty much understand like 90% of the sentence above.
Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World
99% of the Slavs can say that easily. :)