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ENCE vs Renegades
OpTic vs GamerLegion
Haven't ESL+DreamHack enforced these WESA rules as well?
OpTic vs HellRaisers
Actually it takes an awper to beat a non-awper holding an awp, which was exactly what happened most of the times. One particular moment I recall was when oskar was slowly ducking from leftside towards...
What is the reference of the comparison?
Envy vs INTZ
Yeah that's basically a team of overperforming rejects, each with something personal to prove, except drone I guess, so it worked out for them in the end.
CarryGun vs INTZ
I mean 2011, sorry about that
CarryGun vs INTZ
2010 is not only about NaVi
HellRaisers vs Gambit
Not when it's your job. It's not like he has done this in his free time.
HellRaisers vs Gambit
> So ange1 is not able to play consolidation final. We could use only johnta as a stand-in as admin told us. So we decided to forfeit. Sad but true. > wait why can't ange1 play..? > he is coming to hi...
mousesports vs
Best game ever. E V E R.
Can i try to go pro?
"Global Elite" does not mean you are a global elite. Your first goal is to get into FPL. This already removes 98% pro wannabes. Your second goal is to find same or more talented players from your regi...
R8 my school internet
I love my ISP.
good metal bands
Obscura, Oathbreaker.
flamie underrated?
I wouldn't say flamie is underrated. I would even say - overrarted. He's a decent player, but not a top-tier one. I would exchange bondik for flamie.
[+18] Best president