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Snax was in cage.
Stfu two faced faggot
GuardiaN 2015 vs GuardiaN 2018
Don't know if bait or IQ < 50. Rating was never about KD and since now it includes more statistics it is easier to get the same rating as 1.0 when playing worse. This was proven when rating 2.0 was in...
Remember the hype about MTW? Similar bullshit except MTW at least had their lineup xD
Top players of 2018.
He wrote no specific order you fucking Turkish moron. Learn to read.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
I honestly had great hopes for NiP finally that dennis joined but they're disappointing me. ;/ They changed 3/5 their original players and they still can't come back to glory, it's ridiculous.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
Maybe it was a bit of an overexaggeration, but it was to support my claim of f0rest not being able to carry shit and he definitely isn't carrying NiP.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
Do you know what inconsistency is you fucking moron? You think 1.08 is good for the best player in a team? That's supposed to be carrying? Learn what inconsistency is. He has 1.15 rating at one tourn...
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
Apparently according to your low IQ brain, a rating for 1.0 is good for the best player in the team. Lmao. Yes 1.0 is dogshit for a player that's supposed to be "carrying" his team :>
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
Expected from another Swedish fanboy. You have no arguments so you resort to insults. Pathetic faggot.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
I was very excited about that too. To me it seems like draken simply isn't a good enough AWPer to make that team good again. They need twist.
WHAT a ass
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
That would be the Swedish dream team in my opinion too, I was just making a realistic roaster for NIP right now. But this team would probably be capable of becoming top 1. I loved olof with the AWP.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
Get right for Lekr0 Draken for Twist That would be my dream NIP.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
In my humble opinion they need a stable awper which draken is not. He does have great games and stats but it feels like it doesn't have any impact. Don't know about get right, tho.
Neo 1.6 > S1mple CS:GO
That's true. They won those 3 events but they were utter dogshit in all of the other tournaments. They were at best okay until the Cologne major, then they turned to pure trash with SLTV and IEM as ou...