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worst leftist on hltv
Aw thnx babe.
Arguing about God
We can't prove any of it, but as an athiest I look at it like this: We know there are energies and dimensions outside of our perception, so we know there is the possibility for some kind of force to ...
? You asked a dumb question. If someone replying to you honestly and bluntly constitues being triggered, then I don't think you quite grasp the meaning of triggering.
>Off Topic Incase you've not noticed, there are plenty of people on HLTV that talk politics If it bothers you that much then simply ignore it. You didn't have a click on this topic and comment, but ...
trumps taxes
Emoluments clause. Evidence points to him being in violation of it. That is why.
Low tax ?
Adjustable tax with rise and fall of wealth disparities. You could do a lower rate on the poorest and and make it increasingly higher to the top earners who would pay a large amount. Over time as the ...
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
?...no. How is that even a line of thought you got from that? Unless you honestly don't know what asylum is, or how or why these people from Honduras and Guatemala are coming?
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
1. This is all in the context of just talking about the US. 2. No, that is not what I am saying. 3. The reasons there is such a heavy influx and inability to deal with it properly are down to 2 main t...
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
US asylum laws don't allow you to apply from within your country.
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
Gotta love it when you idiots pull out that card. No serious person on the left has argued for open borders.
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
There are more ways to curb the flow than just that though. Removing Trump's zero tolerance policy, enabling migrants to apply for asylum from within their countries, working closer with international...
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
Yeah, it's long overdue, but there are waaay better ways to do so.
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants
Pro-Trump Militia Kidnaps Migrants