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-olof +cold
You can't replace a support with another starplayer.
Link a song you're addicted to rn
Omg you are the first person who actually agrees with me on these exact changes... I'm actually astounded
FaZe rebuild
Olof is one of the best supports in EU, and he does his role very well. And whilst under NEO he definetly has improved, he is more consistent than rain and guardian.
FaZe rebuild
Why drop olof, and why sunNy
your role ingame
Nah, I have a fairly competent team I usually play with, We have one main awper, one main igl and 2 other guys who rotate between different rifling roles. I usually entry, but as I said, depending on ...
your role ingame
Well I'm technically an entry/supportive rifler, but it really depends on the day. Usually go between igling and entrying as I am fairly flexible depending on what the team needs.
You spelled Thomas Müller, The player playing football for Bayern München right
You misspelled Müller, the player from Bayern.
own expensive things?
Only thing I want to be able to spend loads of money on are watches. I have some sort of weird passion for watches without even knowing much about them. I just love having a nice watch on my wrist.
nrg logo what
Id say it rivals Valiance to Cr4zy
Give me 5 countries and I make superteam
Turkey Germany Russia Spain France
Best csgo team logo
Immortals had a sick logo
Well his tactics are nothing special, and if the igl doesn't have stacks on stacks of tactics then he needs to frag, which NEO does not do. I personally don't want him gone yet due to it fucking up te...
I will guess your weight:
Age:15 Favfood: Everything Italian Candy: Never Gym: Never, but I do cardio Sports: No Fast food: Usually never, but if some friends want to eat it I'll eat too Height: 184 cm