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But don't go running any commands on your pc just because some guy on the internet told you so. Research what the command does first.
Are they both SATA drives? Are they both connected to the same controller chip? Some motherboards have extra SATA controllers for more ports, which can be buggy. Better use the intel/amd chip. Also, ...
finnish men are beta and i can prove
The ideal family has been 2 kids since the 70's.
Wtf is it with the turmion kätilöt mentions in this thread? It's a cool band to go see in the local bar while getting wasted, but top 3 of metal bands?
your hs% and lvl
You play with ak/krieg half of the time, so your hsp is higher than 50 if you're good at clicking heads.
The game version can't be chambered in 7.62 though. The magazine is too straight, 7.62 magazines are banana shape because of the shape of the cartridge. So infact the gun should have less armor pen t...
grenade bind
mmo players often swap wasd to esdf
FACEIT Premium ?
The pug meta is very different anyway in 1300 elo than high elo. I would suggest not to try to play "correctly", but frag out and stop playing bitch roles.
Help PC Upgrades
Dude his budget is like 250€. 9600k costs 250€ alone, add mobo 100-200€ + memory 100€. + All the SSD that use the current (same) tech have the max Total Bytes Written value in the same ballbark (King...
Scandinavia refers to the cultural area. 3 kingdoms. Finland was only a supporting member in their "kikkelinvenytys" in the medieval - 1700's.
It makes a big difference in required cpu time in their data centers :D
your country's invention ?
SMS, IRC, Linux, SSH, the first web browser, .338 Lapua Magnum
Remake Country tier list
Honestly Finland would be in my like tier 3 or lower if I was the global average of a person. The summer is short, it's so dark most of the year and nowadays even winters are just wet and dark with li...
best BEER
what do japans eat
Today I ate Lindström patties with mashed potatoes in the uni cafeteria, so minced meat patties mixed with beetroot. Other common ones there are like chicken and rice, kinkkukiusaus which is ham-potat...