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map that requires highest skill
It's a team game. Pugs are there to prepare your individual game to be ready to play in a team setting. Pugs are like going to the football field by yourself to pratice, then you meet some guys and p...
It's actually the best pricewatch site for whole Europe for pc parts.
mg mm harder than lvl 10 faceit
You abuse the meta and have average aim.
I rate your city (with arguments)
Espoo, Finland. It's part of the Helsinki metropolitan area so you can rate either. Espoo is where Nokia headquarters is located.
144hz question
Yes, 144hz is worth it. However, higher fps is always an improvement aswell, even if your minimum is always above your refresh rate. You have to decide for yourself what will give you better gains, be...
How to get pro?
- Step 1, get at least 3k elo in faceit to get your individual skill to some level. - Step 2, find a team and play online leagues - Step 3, find a better team and play better online leagues - Step 4, ...
hyperx cloud 2 7.1
What do you expect from a $20 device? Yeah, the usb dac is sold seperately for that.
Finland happiest country again
It's stereotypical Western Finland old world farmer behaviour not to talk at all if the subject doesn't have something to do on how to get the food on the table or something else important. Eastern Fi...
Antivirus 2019
It's extremely rare to get infected by just browsing in 2019. The major browsers are pretty tough if kept updated.
Antivirus 2019
Keep everything updated is all you need. Windows, browser, browser plugins (flash player especially, better not use it at all). It's also pretty common to hide a trojan in an ms excel file or somethin...
Well I had the hyperx clouds previously. Compared to those, this setup definitely has less bass. Partly because of the open back design the bass is less intense, but on the other hand it sounds just r...
For reference, the Hyperx cloud is 60 ohm. The impedance value doesn't tell everything of how hard the headphones are to drive though, when comparing completely different headphone models. If fed too ...
That's not entirely true. There are multiple DT770 models with different impedances. The 32 ohm you can power with an iphone, 80 ohm is easy enough to drive for a motherboard onboard amp. Only with th...
Faceit Anti Cheat
Yes it does. It starts as a system driver in kernel mode (lowest possible level) and has full access to your pc.
DT990 has a ridiculously sharp treble. It gave me headache, so I had to get the DT880 instead.