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worth upgrading i5-4670k to i7-4790k?
If you are going to replace it soon anyway, you can push towards 1.5v voltage, if you can keep temps under 70c. If your mobo vrm is weak, it will put a strain on it and it could give in at the long ru...
worth upgrading i5-4670k to i7-4790k?
Overclocked DDR3 is capable of DDR4 jedec speeds and beyond. I'm running 16gb DDR3 at 2133 MHz cl 10. It's only the 3200+ mhz ddr4 that make a difference. But still the effect is under 15% in fps, in ...
worth upgrading i5-4670k to i7-4790k?
worth upgrading i5-4670k to i7-4790k?
For csgo that's a downgrade, given that you would run both at the same clock speed. Hyperthreading decreases fps in source engine, if not multitasking (streaming etc).
The internet cafes are basically living rooms for young people, where they hang out and play cs together. That's the gaming culture there, not many have their own pcs. E: https://lh3.googleuserconten...
Gpu overclock help
You can't set a unsafe voltage without a bios mod. E: Actually with Pascal cards you can't set a unsafe voltage without a hardware mod, it can't be modified even in vbios.
Gpu overclock help
Just set the temperature target to what you are comfortable with. The founders' edition cards run at 80c at stock, so around 85c would be safe imo.
Gpu overclock help
Which gpu? The overclocking method is different for different generations from nvidia. The newest (gpu boost 2.0 >) already overclock themselves as far as the power and temp limit allows. There's a re...
skiing is suicide
Alpine skiing is too easy, one doesn't even break a sweat doing that. I prefer high intensity cross-country skiing with the taste of blood in my mouth. Then sauna afterwards, best feeling ever.
I7-8700k or i9-9900k?
What I want to say is, I would advice against buying a top of the line cpu before you have a top of the line graphics card, if your main use case is gaming at 1440p+ res.
I7-8700k or i9-9900k?
The higher the resolution the less the cpu matters. Even constant 60 fps is still impossible for the best graphics cards at high settings at 4k, so at that resolution a i5-8400 or an amd would also be...
reaction time
It only makes 0-10 ms difference. 0ms if the button happens to come up just at the start of a refresh cycle, 10 ms if at the end.
1050 or 1050ti
Neither man, they are incredibly overpriced, unless you can get the ti for under 140€. I suggest you get an used card if you can't afford at least gtx 1060. GTX 1060 6gb is 60% faster card in 3dmark ...