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trump wall
"The report also concludes that a southern border wall between the U.S. and Mexico would only have to stop four percent of undocumented migrants, or about 60,000 over the next 10 years, to recoup the ...
Vitality vs OpTic
yeah, he's not very good, I really hate his spraying, I think he don't know what short bursts is good for.
very calculated, very evil
Russia this and Russia that... it's become a meme.
Democracy has spoken. It want to leave the insane bureaucracy. End it now. This whole ordeal just shows what kind of monster EU has become.
"G-SYNC has no impact on input latency, which makes it perfect for first-person shooter games and competitive eSports." "G-SYNC technology synchronizes the display’s refresh to the GPU’s render rate,...
Best team out of these?
I'd love to see these guys play: Karrigan,Simple,Konfig,Electronic,Ropz
G2 announcement ?
OMFG they got S1mple!!!
real top 3
Dev1ce could turn out to be like Michael Laudrup who never got the golden shoe even though he was a world class player and really deserved it more than Stoichov etc.. imho not at all biased !!! =)
Gillette anti-male propaganda
Good idea actually, I'll look into it
Gillette anti-male propaganda
Not a bad idea coz it's ridiculous expensive.. I have learned to make the blade last longer by making sure excess water is off the blade when finished, it almost doubles the amount of usage.
Gillette anti-male propaganda
That's a very good price
Gym tips
Just start slow the first few months, as you know it's very important to learn proper form for all exercises else injury might pop up. Once you know you are working the right muscles with proper form ...
Gillette anti-male propaganda
You got 24 cartridges for that price? It's 1/3 of the price compared to Denmark, Thailand and other countries I've been to. Sure it's not fake? :D
Gillette anti-male propaganda
I need a link to believe that ;)