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NIP won't make it
oh yeah my bad didn t remind of the lastest new about IGL in NIP that s kinda bad tbh he s young and doesn t have experience like GTR f0rest or Dennis one of them should IGL but GTR seems to be playin...
NIP won't make it
Rez needs to stop awping over f0rest and dennis that s the problem secondly lekr0 seems to be underperforming since he s on NIP f0rest is way too inconsistent dennis is taking stupids decisions GTR i...
F0rest and get_right
agreed but recently GTR has been more impactful than f0rest
NiP FIX ?!?!?!??!?!?! ?!?!?!?!??! ?!?!?!??!?! !??!?!?!?!??!?
GTR has been really descent recently he s the reason why NIP is currently at the minor
FlipSid3’s new roster
Seized , markeloff , Wolrdedit , Blad3 and qikert
i do agree with you
medium sized girls
exactly why would you fuck a firl that size 170cm ? or 165cm ? that s fucking tall a girl needs to be small to suck dicks perfectly is your girlfriend above 160 ??
medium sized girls
the small girls with nice booties and fine boobs are the best ones 159cm is perfect even around 150cm is fine
Liquid tier1 - how to implement
y i know
c9 real solution
lmao s1mple won t leave NaVi wtf ?
3 wasted talents
ScreaM ( in current LeftOut ) w0xic ( in current HR even though they perform good at some tier 3 LAN ) Felps ( in current IMMT ) Hiko ( in current Rogue ) Autimatic ( in current C9 ) KennyS ( in curre...
Liquid tier1 - how to implement
They need a proper IGL and AWPer we all know that the problem is that all the other players are doing fine so you can t kick 2players of Liquid my thoughts are -nitro +Fallen --> Fallen can lead and...
Best crowd reaction not the best but still memorable
Going into surgery wednesday :(
you welcome ma british dude