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Top 3 IGLs
atm gla1ve is first but imo Fallen achieved more so he has to be 1st so second would be gla1ve but atm gla1ve is better so he s first and third is zeus because he achieved great with a team that seeme...
Aug vs SG553
yeah that s why it s really hard to push with a sg because the accuracy sucks so much with aug you could eventually try to push
major hype
uh i don t think there will be that much upsets because it its Bo3 swiss
Your Dream 5 ?
Fallen s1mple niko taco shox ( only for lurking because he doesn t have the level anymore )
Does flusha or other pro players cheat?
yeah sure i don t see kio talking shit like that aswell ahah
best games ever made
Pokemon blue and red were both good because it s nostalgia af but i prefered playing soulsilver on DS because you could play both Kanto and Johto region ^^ agreed on your list
best games ever made
Yeah it a shame that they atleast didn t make a remake of Mario Galaxy everything we can hope it too get a third or a remake ... just one ...
Does flusha or other pro players cheat?
you know when pro gets worse and another one destroys them they start talking shit about them , it s either luck or gamesens imo
Does flusha or other pro players cheat?
Calling people retarded is a picture not being mean or anyshit like that i m not toxic but i was just sayin' that flusha was part of the pro CS community since a while to ofc he has a lot of gamesens ...
best games ever made
the problem with MOBA games is that if you wanna watch some competitive content you need to understand every moves pros are doing while CS is not that difficult to watch at pro level
best games ever made
best games ever made
Actually no these are not kid games these are true games , you should look at the community but Zelda and Smash arent kid game however when i saw SW batlefront i scared but when i saw old i was like o...
best games ever made
csgo is the best competitive game not even hard if you are a competitive player to get it on your list :D
pasha has been streaming a lot recently i think he ll retire
best games ever made
Not a big fan of Witcher 3