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the real terrorists
Nt sjw, there is no way a Chinese can even nearly write english understandable, so don't even try to act like a Chinese. You're prolly from some ex-sssr republic or something like Afghanistan, whence ...
the real terrorists
Second line talking and laughing about yourself lmao what a monkey brain you have autism boy. There are foreign wars, but what you are alluding aren't such, more like campaigns. So again, it's only an...
the real terrorists
It was indeed meant as an argument, sjw retard(probably muslim aswell). Still not elaborated how can a country be called out for not being at peace when her own people were not at any direct war dange...
the real terrorists
Would like to know how you came to the 17 years, don't remember Americans being under danger, so you can't talk about not "being at peace", what they do around the world is another piece of cake but y...
I know when it was 50iq kid, it was a typo. If you have read his reply, you would've seen that he wrote 2002, that's what I intended to write as 2001(the right date for you dumbass) was in my mind.
rate my 18yo polish blond gf
He is right tho, you exaggerate too much, calm you balls boi. It's how we humans are working, lookings are a big part, even for girls themselves and they know it, and girls are also rating or on any o...
Not only that you are a fucking illiterate kebab dumbshit with no english knowledge which also shows how bad kebab education is, but you also just wrote that 9/11 was 2001. Holy fuck, how stupid can y...
Frankie on Dick
Or eating? Guess we'll never know what he thought it was. :D
-NiKo at Sydney lol
Nah just a pimple fangay.
1000 hours faceit 10
Gotta start with w, I won, gg.
1000 hours faceit 10
1000 hours faceit 10
1000 hours faceit 10
Flag checks out :D
Toilet Paper or Water?!
You know, there is something called shower, I know it's science fiction in Africa, but with it, you can wash your dirt comepletely away.
Nice one. But you know, size matters. ;)