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Your country's worst decision?
Well the truth is that he is racist, sexist and homophobic. It's a fact actually, he has said it in interviews and I invite you to see them because they demonstrate how much he is going to destroy you...
"He has a background of being accused". What is that supposed to mean, it's a FACT he supported the dictatorship.
Bolsonaro is a self proclaimed racist, homophobic and sexist, he will just bring more problems to your country.
Facisim. Candidate for president in Brazil
device vs s1mple
Top 3 team in 6 weeks, I think that's fair enough, give them 3 more weeks to cement an structure like the one Astralis has. Remember when Astralis added Magisk at the first month or so they weren't as...
all 2018 events winners
Low quality thread, nothing to discuss.
all 2018 events winners
He is comparing DH Montreal with DH Valencia...
Kjaerbye HAHAHA
Kjaerbye could laugh about you too. I mean he probably earns and will earn 5 times more than you and will be more popular than you will ever be in ur life.
gla1ve MVP
I mean if NaVI wins of course give it to s1mple or electronic
-taco when?
What good supports are out there tho? The only free one is STYKO and he is a worse support player so...
MiBR Roster Changes
Bro give them some time, in 1 month with tarik top 4 at the major... Much better than before. With before I mean with stew and boltz
Honestly, who are you to give lessons to these guys. If someone like YNK says it then fine, someone who has been an analyst for years and has a deep understanding of the game, but if it's you who is s...
top 20 players of 2018 so far..
gla1ve behind lekr0 and ISAA nt. Gla1ve should be top 15 imo.