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Broken Matchmaking...
depends on the ELO of the teams you beat. It works like faceit but you just cant see your current ELO and the ELO necessary to rank up. Stop crying and play more.
Brazil murder rates
all of you making fun of Brazil, what you did to make your own country safer? You just got luck by been born in such safe country. No one is better than no one here we are equal just with different li...
guys you understood wrong. Only people that bought the game has prime. and only people that buy the prime version will have prime. if you play prime you do not play with the free to play gamers. I do ...
YNK Liquid Coach
Valve ruined csgo
dude he is saying that because its free you will have more cheaters. But if you play only with prime its the same since you need to pay to get prime.............
Valve ruined csgo
play prime. now you have to pay to be prime
NVIDIA 2070 wtf
I have 300 ~ 500 fps with my 1070. make sure you add -threads 8 in your launch options make sure your RAM is in Dual Channel mode
its not a racist comment but... I was expecting mostly black people in a african team. My view is that 99% of the africans are black.
How old are u ? @vote@
im 31 so i cant choose any option :(
Top 5 American TEAMS
I would say something but aint losing my time arguing with you kids.
DETONA vs cOOLkids
vsm on internet lul
SK era vs Astralis era
you right. But the scene was not competitive/professional as it is now.
SK era vs Astralis era
I think MIBR Core is TIE if you count until now. But it seems Astralis does not shows to be done yet. If they continue like that next year, will be easily the biggest in the Counter Strike history.