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Snax Or Styko???
STYKO was a rock to hold on to in the storm :'(
Which knife do you have?
Karambit Boreal forest ft Looks good for a budget karambit imo
BOTest pro ever!?
Hltv doesn't understand logic. ZeUs iS bOT kIck sTyKO
hahahaha, just figured the real russian stuff won't really work
too basic
Worst pain you ever felt
my balls hurt now
-Snax +k1o
The last thing mouz need is an overrated arrogant idiot. We just got one a couple months back
Stop Calling Me GAY
Nt prokda
2019 EU Minor is Next Major
You forgot to mention OpTic
Why USA is one of the best countries
You pretty much point out bad parts about your country, if it's for poor people only or not these bad parts are handled with more appropriately in the EU. Even if your arguments make it 'not as bad a...
stop adding baguettes to mouz, they're all too arrogant to play with each other, let alone be capable of playing in an EU team
i cant gain weight
I'm 2 years older and pretty much same height and weight, it's nothing to worry about. I eat plenty, but do running 3 times a week which keeps me skinny. If you're up for it, I would suggest doing fi...
Buchholz WTF
nevermind, you simply can't read
Buchholz WTF
first 2 rounds cannot be decided by buchholz cause you don't have info on the tournament yet. third round is decided by buchholz, also in this tournament. If you would just read the article you would ...
Buchholz WTF
yes buchholz can explain that lmfao, just read the article you dumbass