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~1300€ On +2,5 Windigo map 2
mental profit man
Best roaster in the history BEST ROASTER IN THE HISTORY
I feel like Ben Shapiro is a pretty good roaster, but idk about CSGO roasters Edit: thorin definitely
Thank you mr poland, have a nice poland day :D
Stop using the American system for dates....
Blacks incipience
Stop being so gullible. Too narrow minded to even see normal logic. And telling me to kill myself, really?? As far as I can tell your 'heaven' should be nicer than my pitch black darkness Edit: who ...
Blacks incipience
Yes. You wanna know why? You feel because your brain gets oxygen. When you die your brain doesn't get oxygen anymore. 1+1=2 right?
Blacks incipience
Or or or, it's just a fairy tale :D
Blast pro series Major
Maybe get rid of the hideous UI as well. Oh and the hideous format like you said. The hideous team invites. Man just get rid of hideous blast pro series and then they might be an option for a major
3DMAX vs Copenhagen Flames
It's ECS logo but with a different colour wff
Today is my birthday
Enjoy your day :)
Can I cure my homosexuality
A belt a day can beat the gay away! Jk jk, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Just an edgy joke
I guess your favorite cs:go player 100%
1. Netherlands 2. Mac-10 3. Fuck eating cereal 4. Burger 5. Best major run: C9 cause of the intense hype. Otherwise LG
No they shouldn't /Closed
The 42% lie
This has nothing to do with Islam idiot. I gave you a reasonable response yet you instantly escalate towards Islam Not just towards that, towards me accepting murder even. Get the fuck off cunt, you'...
The 42% lie
I don't think we're fine right now at all. You see divided countries everywhere in Europe, but discrimination will only cause such a divided country to turn against each other. The world changed 100 ...