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What you expect? Hltv owners is scum, so they advertise scum, they help keep each others heads above water
stds / swollen nipples
Just trying to get the one good piece of advice through his head
NBK and the french scene
stopped at NBK is the king, NBK was a great player but not the best in french scene, nr3 french player when frwnch scwne was good and now totally washed up
stds / swollen nipples
ask a medical proffesional you dumbo, wh the fuck on hltv do you expect to give you a useful awnser???
ahahaha, first week for MSL will be, -NiKo -GuardiaN +aizy +Kjaerbye, MSL knows how to manage a team about as well as he knows how to handle the ak spray
(+18) Sorry, it's ME Again (+18)
Just tell her u are ready now
R8 Thottie
Thats obamas daughter lmao
s1mple 2018 vs coldzera 2016
Are you joking? s1mple by sooooooo fucking much dude, nobody has ever been as dominant as s1mple has been this first half year
Ninja is sexist
The kids will grow out of it, Ninja/LP won't, honestly feel bad for them
Ninja is sexist
Who gives a fuck about Ninja? The guy is childrens entertainment, like anything he says will ever have impact on the kids that watch his stream, i don't think he does anything else than scream very lo...
Dont make your baits so long pls i didnt even make it past the first paragraph, 2 boring, work on it
Who is the GOAT?
Off all CS combined it has to be f0rest or GeT_RiGhT, not a single player besides these 2 were top of the game in both 1.6 and GO, NEO was never a star in CSGO, never even made a top20 list, while f0r...
c9 fix
yeah golden and daps in one team great idea bro, what firepower C9 will have together with sk... No he sucks, RUS... No he fucking sucks as well, so basically the only fragging player in the team woul...
iem chicago
IEM CHIRAQ, bullets will be flying in and out of the server
and then he died