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Favourite teams: NiP and Liquid
Favourite pros: GTR, f0rest, NAF.
Favourite weapon: Galil AR

I don't play as often as I like but when I do, I AWP and IGL.

That's it I'm boring.
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GeT_RiGhT no chance?
He'll probably either stream fulltime or be a coach, or get picked up by some burgeoning org just wanting a spot filled by someone they can turn out merch profit for til they get a younger player.
fuckable pros?
grenades binds
why isn't s = smoke men)
do u play csgo still?
Sometimes with my friends but we all work so its hard to find time.
Best skin in game?
I like Neo-Noir myself.
European nations have been killing each other for millennia so they're way better at it than NA at this point.
NiP vs Heroic
Fair enough my friend! We'll see after the next couple of LANs if the NiP Magic will rise again.
NiP vs Heroic
2017? IEM Oakland with Draken and REZ? This is the first major change since -xist and they couldn't even do their usual Honeymoon period of at least 1 tourney lmao.
NiP vs Heroic
Every honeymoon period they had with GeT_RiGhT they won though... Their honeymoon with Twist they shat out of.
NiP vs Heroic
They at least won their honeymoon tourneys with him OMEGALUL
NiP vs Heroic
-twist +GTR
Your favourite game
Metal Gear Rising was dogshit yeah. I do like MGS3 don't get me wrong, its probably my number 2 in the Metal Gear series, but MGS2 is my top1 of all time.
Your favourite game
Overrated game tbh.
Your favourite game
Metal Gear Solid 2 tbh
NiP is terrible
I've been a fan since I started watching CS and don't plan on stopping it anytime soon. Being said, there was a slight satisfaction watching them lose after kicking GTR considering most of their majo...