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Move GTR to Coach, -Pita. +Flusha or young talent.
I can tell your IQ
1. Who needs football when you have facebrick? 2. Fave band is Alice in Chains, Dirt is their best album, and Nutshell is probably their best song. 3. Nah, in cases of rape or life or death sure. 4...
WILL C9 GO 0-10?
I love C9, but I knew they'd play like trash. 7 days of practice, no time to build chemistry, this probably isn't even going to be the roster they use beyond a month or two from now, etc.. Sad to se...
so trash holy shit
C9 New Lineup
I wouldn't be surprised nor blame Auti if he leaves the team at some point, but so far in the honeymoon they look alright. If they can keep this team functioning on the personal level I'm sure they c...
ban male circumcision
I like Ferdinand Magellan and his circumnavigation don't ban him men))) :((((((
Your favorite movie and why?
Either Shawshank Redemption for the acting and story or Pulp Fiction for the Dialogue.
RIP Assange?
He knew the risks when he signed on, shameful as it is. Its possible he gets a pardon sometime down the line but probably not.
Countries you would like to visit VS Countries you would never visit
Would love to take a trip to Italy, Greece, and Russia. Maybe Scotland too since apparently my family comes from there. Would avoid India, North Macedonia, and Ukraine
Pick any American state...
Kenfucky. Fuck Kentucky.
Pick any American state...
Cut GeT_RiGhT
He is literally the face of NiPCS. They need him (as well as f0rest) if nothing else for branding which when combined with their usually mid-placing results is juicy enough of a profit for NiP not to...
why is weed illegal?
Because fuck plants men))).
your first job ever?
I worked for my dad's rich af friend doing yard work on a house that he evicted the tenants out of for neglecting the property and cooking meth. Didn't pay great and the yard was full of ground wasp...
next era?
i'd say FaZe era but april fools was yesterday.