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Still trying to find an identity as a writer/journalist so I thought I'd start by making posts on hltv. Send me a PM if you want to chat about any of my posts.

Started playing CSGO December 2014, Started watching after 2015 Cologne Major.

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Top 20 Players of All-Time (CSGO) *final thread released after 2018 hltv top 20 is posted*
Top 10 Teams of All-Time (CSGO)
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Stewie x Liquid
Okay well no need to be sensitive about it, it’s an opinion, as a player auti is better, that was my point, hadn’t seen the podcasts or interviews. Hardly makes me brain dead i think
Stewie x Liquid
Stewie x Liquid
They’ll lose the spot for a month, if that, no team makes a change and is instantly better and consistent, this will mke them a better team without a doubt
S1mple is 100% an awper, you are misinformed sir
*NEW* True Top 20 Players of ALL-TIME
So G2 didn't win the major so change name to Chuckyyyyy?
didn't ska retire?
who do you think they’ll pick up? A rifler and let auti awp? Or an na awper? I doubt they’ll go eu since that’ll make them a majority european squad
Highest 2.0 rating in a professional csgo match ?
3.08?!?!?!?!?! how even
Best replacements for Karrigan RANKED!
+1, they did better with NiKo igling in the major anyway, and his calling style is so loose with Faze, any of the team's current players could call and they could just pick up a role-player, in my opi...
Best replacements for Karrigan RANKED!
he got an offer but it "fell through" at the same time that they got NiKo, probably they decided NiKo was better, so really Faze decided against Scream not the other way around
I'll do it for him -bodyy +scream easy gg
TOP-5 players atm
TOP 25: The Best CS:GO Players (2018)
you disagree with device? lol I'd put him higher if anything. There is a reason fnatic were so dominant, JW is part of that reason, you can't have an undeniably best team in the world. kennyS and guar...
MSL? nah. MSW
+1 to your +1 of his +1
best rap ever
KFC Zinger wrap
Astralis 900 iq
North said they tried to anti-strat astralis so maybe that played into it, in terms of anti-strats it's quite easy when you're on ct-side. Maybe that's why their t -side was horrible?