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Coach tier list
1) dISTURBED 2) APEHEHE 3) twista 4) sAw no, not based at all, wdym :P
I mean, if Germany just kept the stadium in rainbow lights for whole tournament, there would have been no issue... They have only themselves to blame, because they made it political by putting it up o...
Name 1 csgo pro from your country
who would have guessed (apart from everyone in the planet)
HLTV Top 100 spreadsheet
Just a bump
HLTV Top 100 spreadsheet
Updated for June 21st - Sorry for late update, not at home;
italy robbed
yeah, I get it that it should be ref's and linesmen's job to determine what happens, but then again, VAR was invented to make game fair, leave less chance on the results because of human error etc.
italy robbed
I mean, I understand somewhat that Finns are crying about the offside, because tie game could have put us through, but then again, even the goalscorer just said "It was offside, and there's that";
italy robbed
I mean, everyone knows VAR is used in this tournament, it's not like it came "outta nowhere";
italy robbed
Yeah, and it would have probably have been flagged off from linesmen too, if it wasn't for VAR; Linesmen can leave the border cases for VAR to take care of
italy robbed
rules are rules, it's not like it wasn't offside; or that the Italy's case wasn't handball... I mean, what would be the purpose of rules, if they didn't have to be followed :D
HLTV Top 100 spreadsheet
Updated for June 14th - Astralis out of top 5; Only EU and CIS in top 10
OG 3-2
I mean, if Finland can win a football match against Denmark with only 1 shot, OG can comeback from 0-2 :)