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if you dont have height then you really need weight or ur fucked
what do you mean by dead?
2-2 Matchups
Well you are also arguing that Fnatic have been doing recently when they haven’t. Before the tournament, Fnatic had only lost to teams like c9, liquid and Astralis and the astralis game was increadibl...
2-2 Matchups
They just signed JW for 3 more years and Twist even tho he is really inconsistent can be the best player on the team so I believe they just need a good Igl to help twist be more consistent and help JW...
FaZe Kaze
Id rather see freeman in an international team like mousesports as that would introduce the major cs teams to asia cs but kaze on tyloo would be also be spicy
FaZe Kaze
Yeh they said in one of the minors also hes cantonese which is very english
FaZe Kaze
Freeman>Kaze Also Freeman is fluent in english
G2 comeback
Yeh but thats what fnatic are doing not g2 because g2 didnt go 0-2
your 3-0 / 0-3?
also predicted vici to qualify
your 3-0 / 0-3?
ence/ spirit
IEM Grand Final
Same roster
IEM Grand Final
Stewie cant do shit
IEM Grand Final
Yeh they have also won 14/17 previous games so they have shown they can beat the lesser teams as well as contending with the other top teams so I am confident with this fnatic
IEM Grand Final Fnatic beat Liquid in chicago so they can definitely do it anywhere else
IEM Grand Final
yeh well its not like they cant put up a fight, especially since they were exhausted from the shit organisation