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mouz is done
Hes even a fan of xyp9x one of the most emotionless players ever. 10/10 meme
If faze won major
If faze won major
If faze won major
Yes an MiBR laugh thread as is the usual nowadays
I need loadout theme
Yeah probably but over the last six months ive had a mw vulcan and i have seen it gradually increasing its gone by about 10 pounds. Obviously this could just be a one off thing.
I need loadout theme
If anything based on how economics work skins would increase because of the game going to f2p. Skins and the game are complementary and therefore if one is cheaper (in this case free) the demand for t...
TOP 5 2018
Yes thats obvious after they changed tue coaching rules the igls had to do more work and focus less on individual skills.
Remove 1 country
America The average iq on the planet would increase by like 200%
Which football club do you support?
c9 wtf??
Tarik apparently wants to wait till after the major as more teams will make roster changes and he will have a wider choice of teams.
Tariks interview where he talks about skadoodle during the boston major
No point in arguing with this guy he is a genius and all the pros and analysts are wrong. This guy knows all
Best 2 weeks of my life
BLAST system
True id still love to see them there even tho they definetley would have lost 2-0 without a miracle.
BLAST system
If they were really throwing they would have let C9 atleast draw they were safe no matter what im pretty sure.who would they rather play C9 or #3 in the world NaVi