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Stan was easliy the best player on Col when he was there he literally brought them to major playoffs. Also he had left Col for a good bit before they decided to go international and the EG lineup has ...
Do I have Corona?
A runny nose isnt one of the symptoms. Its likely something else if you havent been coughing but because of the fever youd probably be best off self isolating for a week and look up a helpline for you...
Rebranding your team doesn't make you better
ORGS rebrand to try freshen up their look. Its a business side thing nothing to do with trying to make the players better. Means they can release more clothing with a new logo
Why do people keep shiting on Koosta for shit he done years ago. He was the only player on the C9 team that was consistent and actually looked really at times even the whole team was shit. Judge him o...
best csgo team logo
Exactly even better
Don't even have to pay them. Guys like bardoloh have asked for the ip to stream a game and Vince + Dust asked for an ip aswell they even said they would show all the esl sponsorships even while not ge...
Stop invite C9 XD
When blast was starting their pro series they had contracts with certain teams that meant they had to be invited to a certain number of tournaments and at the time of them choosing the teams C9 had ju...
Top 1's in 2019
nah fluke is ence. Avangar got to the final and then actually done something after that by winning blast.
Why do people hate stewie?
How is tarik the bigger snake. Stew jumped to sk as soon as C9 had one bad tournament already tarik kept trying to save the team until it was completely dead.
Eleague Boston 2018 memories
28th of January 2018 was the best day of my life. It's all been down hill since then. Bring me back
best nick in universe
Mine is the best as it is true.
Which pros are handsome? (in your opinion)
+1 Beautiful farmer