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Your CS:GO History
Keyd stars first major, the good old times
EU CS (OpTic vs North) LUL
Polish language
German communication "hello guys whats up" means hes most likely cheating "omg..." in chat means the german is crying again "you guys are shit" means hes arrogant as fuck and doesnt wanna admit tha...
Betting shit
Its not like I always bet on overdog, its quite the opposite actually. But I still see your point, there is no way of predicting a game like that. If one team wants to throw they are going to do tha...
Spirit vs pro100
cmon pro100 atleast win the fucking 2nd map
Zeus fans come here
no u are s1 fan
Zeus fans come here
inb4 not a single one
Betting shit
I am only going to bet on T1 events from now on, if I dont even have success with that Im going to quit forever. I used to be quite good at knowing which teams are going to win, but you are right the...
Betting shit
I should really only bet on T1 matches, no more fucking T2-5 bullshit, I think you just stopped me from suicide
Betting shit
I always make my own picture before I bet, I also dont listen to stats every time. Still losing every single one, theres no hope
CS is dead to me
isnt dead* on the last sentence
Spirit vs pro100
Rather bet on pro100 than on DavCost ever in my life, even if had to bet my house on a match with davcost and odds 99-1 I wouldnt pick him
Betting shit
never used those shits, always live bet or whole match. still lost every game
Betting shit
couldnt bet on that, now im fucked. gg
Spirit vs pro100
somedieyoung killed kenzor with awp somedieyoung planted the bomb (2on1) DavCost killed AiyvaN with awp somedieyoung killed def with ak47 (headshot) somedieyoung killed Flarich with ak47 (headshot) so...