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i never tried nofap for more than 2 weeks
Of what's about that site mate, could u explain a bit?
i never tried nofap for more than 2 weeks
Wow that's fucked up haha But also sexual aspect is different for everyone, maybe that won't happen to other people when doing nofap
i never tried nofap for more than 2 weeks
i never tried nofap for more than 2 weeks
What u would say that are the main benefits? I'm pretty interested bro Also, why u started to no fap? Btw, I read what u posted below
Thread of the day
I only see astralis/liquid winning, they're a lot above all the other teams Also navi seems desmotivaded, so idk I hope that liquid wins cuz I like a lot stew and also I'm bored of seeing ast winning
Stefano Poblete Here is pretty unusual btw
[16+] GYM LIFE
First of all, u sound rude af chill out 2nd, ok ur body is ok and shit, but u are fugly, there's no gym for that, I prefer to be thin and stuff rather than ur face :)
45 Ez for pistol god
s1mple leaves navi
+jame +boombl4?
Actual G2 Fix
Actual G2 Fix
This major perfoming well and then what? Anyway kio is miles ahead of him Btw kio has won actual shit while being impactful, also Bodyy has had plenty of time to demonstrate but he is just average, an...
G2's Passion is gone
Easy to just write stuff tho Prolly is real, he doesn't have the need to lie and shit, but at least in my eyes I don't see that passion, hype etc...
G2's Passion is gone
All the hype and it was for signing lucky and jackz hahah
G2's Passion is gone
Wouldn't call vitality a dead project, it seems like that they're trying, their will to win is there
G2's Passion is gone
Ye he's good but playing average most of the time, I wouldn't say that he's a destabilizing playing anymore, has god performances from time to time, but who doesn't? Also "a bit questionable" it's too...