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fnatic vs mousesports
nice fnatic plating like horseshit in bo5 final against mouz. ty for boring final losers. disband. kick bot golden. krimz and flusha inconsistent af. only DH malmo fluke win, rest garbage. gg n00bs.
Astralis vs mousesports
HHahahahahahahahahaha Get fuc#ing rekt astran00bs +1.5 maps mouz and ML biggest profit thank u frozen ropz and woxic ill eat ur kebap rn Hahahahahahahhaah ty astralulis fangirlz 2-0 my ass hahahahaha...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
navi bettors xDddddddd hahahahahahahaha cry is free 3.50 odds on fnatic after inferno LUL
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
fnatic also strong on mirage fakeflagger loser. cry is free.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
how much queen ? hahahaha fnatic better face it kid.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
how much ? hahahahahha loser
Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
go home n00bs geniuses clowns. no brehze cerq carry, insta destroy. hahahahahahah ez 2.20 odds pre match on mouz. ty for money EG fangirlz
ATK vs G2
nt 0/8 pinocchio
Renegades vs mousesports
delusional bettors. stop risking ur pocket money. ex grayhound its a decent team, best in oceania for.sure. buy a brain guys. mouz def in a slump. expected nuke for aussies.
MIBR vs fnatic
ty fnatic for my 3 maps combo with liquid. congrats krimz for record. love u guys. byebye brazilians haahhahahaha long ride home.
FaZe vs 100 Thieves
ty 100t for my winning combo with renegades aussie power bye bye content clan LUL $1milzera KEKW disband nubs
Renegades vs Sharks
3.50 after 1.0 for overrated n00bs sharks. ez money ty for money crybabies bettors hahahahah "sharks so ez 2.20 odds prematch" hahahahajahha get dicked KEKW
fnatic vs Heroic
fish brain Lul
fnatic vs Heroic
how much?
fnatic vs Heroic
how much hello? hahahhaha