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Fnatic fix (1)
If Karrigan joins, then fnatic cannot play in WESG, which is basically a free 700K for them. They wont do that. Also, this team has potential, krimz twist and brollan are all good firepower. Jw is in...
Watch Major
yeah i discovered it during the faceit major, anyways im off school this week.
fnatic is a joke
Vici made sense, but anyone that went fnatic 3-0 is stupid. But i did bet on there being a knife kill lol.
fnatic is a joke
anyone that put 3-0 is stupid. Reneagades or g2 would be better people to pick. You only need 5 points and fnatic will still get through.
Mouz Karrigan?
I could see a Tarik and Karrigan tbh. Could be ScreaM or one of the exSS guys.
who 0-3
Personally, i think tyloo will do decent. I'd go for grayhound and vici. But its possible someone like an Avangar or Vega
Pickem prediction help
Since fnatic are almost 100% getting through but unlikely to go 3-0. I suggest putting them to get through, and pick a much more out there team such as g2 or reneagades. Make sure the teams you pick ...
Tbh, I really hate playing with other britts. I don't usually get toxic, but when people just refuse to listen to simple strats or give callouts, its annoying
bodyguard, prison break, line of duty.
Second Major 2019?
On a real, epicenter or starladder deserve it. Imo It will be epicenter.
Second Major 2019?
Buying CS skins/keys
tHiS sEeMs LiKe A gOoD dEaL
Well tbf lots has changed since the original vote. On the one hand you need to go with what the people voted, but since its been such a shit show, idk.
Twist and jw are both miles ahead of draken
2nd best. Umm. Go on, give me the top 4.