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Gonna be first 16-0 in major finals right here
Trash major just like Krakow. All top teams (Ast not included) shit the bed and most of the quarters/semis have been boring. Avangar upset everyone but them in the finals is basically a free win for a...
and now my pick ems are fucked
Same, mouz gonna lose and navi gonna choke.
Its just awful to watch this, lucky dies to a guy who just shot his mate from boiler with his knife out.
easiest pickem of my life
Shouldnt have picked Liquid as 3-0. Now that G2 and navi will choke against trash teams my pickems are ruined. Worst thing is I had to play several games on vertigo and nuke for nothing
Why xantares so bad ?
His team is retarded and want to make him a more supportive player and teach him smokes and shit. BIG should use him as the aimbot he is like in SS, have shits like gobB and the rest flash for him
gg intel grand slam
Boring finals incoming. Astralis-Vitality would have been an excellent final match but Liquid won’t choke anymore
Astralis should become a NA-team because they are so free
Team(s) you always cheer against?
MiBR, Astralis, North, C9, BIG. Also old Gambit and Envy
NEO sucks ass
Who’s the next washed up player faze will sign after adren and neo?
Playing as ct has become 100% easier now, you can hold angles that are impossible with m4. Especially train has become fucked after the price drop. AUG should be 3700 so u sacrifice nades for it at le...
ENCE Deserved the finals
Blast has legit the most retarded format. Just wow. At least give OT on a match that decides the finals.
Laughed at ”midget serial killer”. 8/8 would read again
Snax rekt Mouz.
I dont see this being anyone elses fault than the org’s. What did they expect? They had igl, star awper and two solid riflers. Why would they bring in someone who is used to being a star player on the...
Most annoying attitude/player types ingame
People who camp on T-side and hunt exitfrags. Then they call everyone on the team bad. People who hold angles in T-spawn and get no map control. People who push the same part of the map on CT and die ...