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Device won't ever be TOP 1
Astralis = 4 Majors Astralis = 5 players 0.8 Majors per player I don't even count the fact that team is more than just 1+1+1+1+1, there is such thing as synergy, good team is always a unitary whole. ...
YOUR Favourite actor
10M in your pocket
1.01 not that good odds.
10M in your pocket
Any older CS players (45+) around here?
Average hltv user.
Jamppi benched soon ?
More speculation maybe, not reliable information.
Jamppi benched soon ?
You can interpret how you want, it won't change anything. Jamppi cheated, got VAC, tried to make "friend" excuse, didn't work out, end of story. I doubt you will get more information than in this le...
Jamppi benched soon ?
The fact that account was under his control means that neither his friend nor his grandma nor his cat nor somebody else was using the account, so it was Jamppi who cheated. That's all you need to know...
Valorant 30k per a month
Money isn't everything.
Jamppi benched soon ?
Yeah, that's exactly what is written there. Keep malding and cya in 3.
Jamppi benched soon ?
Valve made an investigation and clearly says that Jamppi was using the account when ban happened. Not his friend, grandma, cat, or somebody else. Rest is kinda uninteresting and irrelevant indeed.
Jamppi benched soon ? All you need to know.
Jamppi benched soon ?
It should have been pretty obvious after #32 and #41 that we're not gonna have a discussion and your inability to understand what I wanted to say only proves that my decision was right. Cya.