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You cannot post more than 150 replies per day

3day for copypasta
3day for +1
3 day ip ban
7 day ip
3 day for +1
3 day in trans rights thread
1 day for "Wow I cannot believe it… what a scandal…"
10 year for "extensive ban history"


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i did lem by going solo my aim could be around faceit lvl 10 no idea

its like you mastered masterbating but you are amateur at sex if you only practised sex and never masterbate you would think masterbating is for gays or something who dont have holes i think ~roye 2021

i did lem solo, and im talking about aim my aim is lvl 10 faceit, but i cant get any faceit lvl because bad keyboard need to order good keyb, and i cant play mirage,! but my keyboard is ok for wingman overpass. ~roye 2021

you ask why i am so confident? :D just opened faceit it shows me this :
first player is one i played 1x1 against when we were kids.
Next player was supposed to be my opponent in tournament which i refused to play because i knew not enough maps.
i dont care about this rank lvl bulshets sorry im not your average joe i just ask you friendly to stop spamming me ~ roye 2021

haha i was semi pro at cs 1.6, just saw now not long ago my teammates played against best player in cs history Neo lol ~ roye 2021

lol today i practiced 2 smokes for 2 hours in mirage , i dont even like mirage :D i wanna say i def deserve lvl 10 but i had one game perfect fps i was pretty bad worse than on freezing :d ~ roye 2021

you just saved netherland from renting place in there or even bigger holidays , seems like cheap crack gets in your head too good, only reason i might visit now holland because cheap hookers , crack you getting is really questionable you pretend some alpha smart guy with these messages if i hear your voice i would probably die laughing ~ roye 2021

rip roye

my sigma grindset:
no fapping
no contact with women
15 hours of sleep
investing in shitcoins
become christian
listening to kid a and donda
eating raw meat and drinking raw water (no fluoride)
work out 8 hours a day
play cs 1 hour a day

but s1mple is one of the greatest riflers in the world, he isn't awp abuser and not baiter wtf i report this thread. you little kid hahah so noob mad fan zywho botwho gambin onliners noobs ~ go1x1n00b 2021

LMAO, kid, I started using Linux before you were born. I've got commits in the Linux kernel. STFU please ~ rationale 2021

it like 1984 in real world,
total nation control over individuals,

funny that anti-globalist or i don't know how to call that group,
wrote that this is where the globalist, masons, illuminati (i don't know how to call them either) are heading to ...
but of course they were mock as conspiracy theory freaks
don't take that seriously ... are u stupid ?
fast forward 5-10 years,
wait a minute how this became a reality? ~ EssentialBeing 2021

aha... electronics in peoples heads.. aha so funny..u fgt retard ~ kronin100 2021

heroin in your veins ,wipes your eyes? or its aids from cz sluts on every corner? ~ sextape 2021

Overhyping caster
Name the most overhyping/fakehyping caster in tier 1
xatanres good
expected from a braindead turk

wp ,rip bro, unlucky you are one of them who dies from vaccine not covid ,unlucky bro ,and no one to took the blame only you ,because you sign paipers on your own risk ,like you are experiment
never will take vaccine , will go and get only qr code for it ,with no injections ,problem solved ~ sextape 2021

then goverment scamed you ,when you do vaccine you do it on own risk ,because none cant take consequences of unknown liquid with 90% of toxity inside ,gl vaccinated people,i can only pray for you ~ sextape 2021 Youtube Steam Faceit Twitter

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