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need u advice bout 240hz
It is better. Also, you can lock it at 200hz or something if the lagging gets bad
Your monitör?
Benq xl2540
Superdry clothing
I have this t shirt https://m.zalando.fi/superdry-printtipaita-indo-navy-su222o1u5-k11.html I also have one all white hoodie with small logo and it's super comfy. I don't like most of their stuff but ...
Best mouse for cs'go
I have used EC2, GPW, viper and rival 110. If you want a bit heavier wired mouse I would go for EC2 or FK2 if you want ambi. XM1 is great if you want to test out a lighter mouse at a reasonable price
Best mouse for cs'go
Any zowie, endgame xm1, razer viper
What do you use? (Mouse, KB, Monitor, Mouse Pad, Headphone)
Mouse: Logitech gpro wireless Keyboard: Logitech gpro with gx brown Mousepad: qck+ Monitor: benq xl2540 Headphones/mic: Logitech gpro x (surprise)
Mouse problem & rec
I got it about a month ago. It took a few days to get used to (it was my first ambi mouse) but after that it has been perfect. Zero problems with connection so far, good battery life and overall a gre...
Your Mouse
I have GPW too. I sometimes accidentally click mouse 2 while turning. If it would have a bit heavier mouse buttons it would be perfect for me. Still a 9/10 for sure
Sleep Paralysis
I have always had the ability to slightly change things that happen in my dream (For example, while falling I can just imagine a large pillow or something and it happens in my dream). This didn't feel...
Sleep Paralysis
Only time this happened to me was when I was 13yo. I started hearing growling and footsteps from outside my door. Suddently the door opens and a big dragon/lizard thing walks in and bites my head off....
studying and gaming
I'm pretty average myself so I can't really judge others. Also, you should focus on how you're feeling in game instead of focusing on the scoreboard. Learning new positions, movement, nades, etc. does...
studying and gaming
That wasn't really directed at you exactly, if you are improving just go for it. Even if you are getting better at a slow pace, you won't know your skill ceiling before you reach it
studying and gaming
Because the ones that are making it are grinding to get better and not typing shitposts on hltv
A1-S or A4?
Usually A4 but I sometimes change for maps like nuke and train to help with long range gunfights