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Coldzera Fallen S1mple Niko Fer
hes a support player , its normal he does 2º contact
3 alt tabs?
Yes it would , Coldzera would killed glaive cmon stop be a retard
3 alt tabs?
When was with SK was fake .... Now its with your team its bad now , its not an excuse
hes playing with me
SK after fnx
Braindead , obvious i would love to see FNX again with SK but pls just cheer for them when they lose and when they win , be a true fan
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
kkkkkkkkk ok dude ok u are stupuid i cant argue with a dude who dont know that Taco is a Entryfragger Bye
Braindead SK will turn back
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
So you dont answer? oh u discover that Taco is the entryfragger of SK ty dude peace out , learn about what are u talking about
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pemuq8_bDw Use subtitles and listen ....
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
Dude are u dumb?? taco is the entryfragger dude "SK Gaming's CS:GO's entry fragger Taco" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuHH1T3hC_c He's an SK entryfragger since ever dude even in LG
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
kkkkkkk are u serious??? kkkkk Ok u dont know nothing about SK bro , for you Fer is the awper rigth? xd Dude Fallen-AWP/IGL Fer-Playmaker Taco-Entryfragger Coldzera_Support Boltz-Lurker(sometimes fe...
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
Coldzera is the Support player of SK , he does the 2º contact , so their teammates give him info for him to kill , like Navi does for S1mple , sometimes Coldzera does the 1ºkill , he is known for his...
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
Navi , and Liquid ? they are good teams , and expecially Navi was really strong , LG/SK was just better dude , I know some people cant admit that SK had an era , but they had an era and made history ,...