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Major and delays
who drinks sprite these days
Russia win major
I dont think its governments issues.
I rate u
Mister, you are hundred percent right
I rate u
[+18] Danish girls murdered in Morocco
Send it
P1mple Best player?
Hello India, its Ukraine calling. Can you stick with Bolllywood instead of baiting in csgo? Thank you, sincerely Ukraine
ALSO only a real DUMB KIDDO humble a player for its poor rating in 1 or 2 games instead of looking at yearly or monthly rating. So the "stfu dumb kiddo" is on point, you dumb kiddo
omfg u either so dumb or u baiting the shit out of me. kys
lol so 180 degre hold wasnt that hard when ppl push from both sides?
Round over - Winner: CT (14 - 12) - Enemy eliminated rain killed autimatic with m4a1 rain killed flusha with m4a1 (headshot) rain killed kioShiMa with m4a1 (headshot) rain killed refrezh with m4a1...
Device xaxaxa
Finals do mean shit idiot. Astralis grabbed few easy wins to face the only serious opponent in the finals - Liquid. This is where Device actually had to prove that he can outaim not only som Vici guys...
Destroy Dick December
Not a fan of hentai either
Destroy Dick December
147hours? Bro... rip sperm
rate flickshot
I mean you never know whos cheating. Its like 8/10 mm games end up with at least 1 cheater. Easy access to cheats and bad VAC system is such a bad combination thats it not possible to play mm.. not ca...
rate flickshot
The facts that he was shooting at you from your back and you still managed to kill him is impressive. Id give this 9/10 if first bullet hit his head