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Liquid vs 100 Thieves
You don't know what fluke means my bro, stop betting if you can't take the lose.
Singularity vs Nexus
Yeah, and for some reason in that week they only lost points probably because that other teams won much than them at that time.
Singularity vs Nexus
Depends on how the other teams are doing, the other teams that are less than #52 needs to lose points and nexus will not get a lot of points this week only for 2 matches. Maybe an #45? They did beat n...
Singularity vs Nexus
You don't know how hltv system works bro.
Read 2. one more time.
HS to coL ?
And why do you think that he wasn't invited to better teams since optic?
HS to coL ?
he's kinda overrated actually, the people remembers him from the optic roaster but since than he couldn't do something that good in a team, since optic he joined in 5 teams and none of them worked.
Nexus vs Nemiga
Just imagine cosmeeen instead of seminte, that's exactly the score that Cosmeeen would have, I don't wanna be mean but he's trash now, he's not how he was 2 years ago.
$1k for a knife, what should I buy?
Take the butterfly but don't buy any knife with crimson web pattern they're usually scratched.
Your csgo warmup.
I don't play anymore cs but when I was playing and tried to have a serious team and everything this was my daily routine: 500 ak bots - aim botz 100 awp kills - aim botz 100 scout kills - aim botz Aft...
why HENRYg
Well, I can understand why the people are like these, everyone expect a lot because it was hyped the new c9 roaster, but at this point I'm disappointed because I think this line-up will be an UK one a...
Vitality vs mousesports
nice choke chrisj, 3v2 let's push with the awp with no reason yessssss big brain
why not a bo3 :(
lol, anyway, don't think he's cheating anymore, he's playing rank s for years already, so I don't see any problems with him playing in this qual.
When? lol?