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woxic salary
eating good.
Edward Snowden
Go start tribal warfare somewhere else please!
US income inequality
It's not free - you still pay monthly fees for it; except you get some money back from the government which... you pay for in taxes tenfold.
US income inequality
When I'm saying BUILD something - I don't mean you LITTERALLY build a building - you can save a part of the money and invest a bit building a portfolio.
US income inequality
True, really awful spending habbits. Buy first, pay later ( &think later)
US income inequality
Well, you do that by investing it. Sure economy changes etc etc but I'll tell you this: if you work 50 years and invest & build something it is WAYYY less likely to be ruined by a shitty economy than ...
US income inequality
so on average people in the US make 10k$ more each year and they pay WAY less in tax I think on average at the end of the year you'd end up with 20k$ more in the US each year. 10 years of that and ...
US income inequality not good too
US income inequality and it gets taxed fk hard
US income inequality
In Netherlands 50% of families make less then 30k usd$, in US this is less than 30% ( and lower taxes ) I guess it's better in the USA.
Stewie = Shroud?
100% of the clips i've seen so far are not suspicious at all and i've watched give or take 5 minutes
nexa or blameF?
200 iq way to promote your videos
Languages you're interested to learn
Deutsch? German or Dutch wtf do u mean