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Girls dont like white boys
imagine people being this stupid > I wouldn't date white people > Because they are prejudice hahaha
Trump's letter to Ergodan
Lmao Imagine caring about turkey, they should be booted of the nato and possibly nuked for the sake of pretty much everyone that isn't a turk
do i look kazakh?
nah blackie will get a 2k on the pistol round, so will petra and zaaz will kill one, after this they lose the forcebuy but they do end up getting a couple of rounds because avangar is going easy on th...
blamef > NA scene
JW threw the game
how much
Right wing arguements?
is it though?
Right wing arguements?
oh yeah thats true, sorry mexico.
Right wing arguements?
> I csnt even take you real > talking about wrong sentences choose one, fakeflagger
Right wing arguements?
1. Yep, I do too; but just the ones that are not paid off to falsify information and the ones that see correlation as causal links. 2. If we are talking about studies, I'd like to have your '' credib...
Right wing arguements?
1. The first thing every kid learns in geography is that climate always shifts and changes and is never constant, so saying me stating that is going against the consensus is just silly. 2. The United ...
Right wing arguements?
tbh best we can do is prepare for when the climate has changed, it's going to change and not poluting CO² might slow it down a little bit but the change is inevitable
Right wing arguements?
yeh he is baiting but its funny :D
Right wing arguements?
1. Climate change is over exaggerated, it's always happening anyways. 2. Public healthcare ruins the quality of healthcare, but improves the accessibility of it; I rather have hard working people have...
romanians come here
qualify first