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Who will win 2020 US elections?
I never said I disliked politicians, I'm not grouping anyone , i'm just saying if you marry someone and you work in politics your views can't differ that much.
Who will win 2020 US elections?
so you don't like Trump cause hes a politician? - I havent said a word about Trump Also, I think Mrs. Obama is very educated and you shouldn't base her policies on what her husband has done. its li...
Who will win 2020 US elections?
Obama was awful in many ways and having another Obama, even if its Mrs now would be bad. Obamacare was a failed program and the affirmative action he proposed is simply racist. And Oprah? Please no.. ...
Who will win 2020 US elections?
Please not another obama or some talk show host lmao
Gays refute darwin
Which proves being gay is a choice?
Bethesda F U
Elder scrolls online was 4 years ago
global elite AMA
I am Global Elite in EUROPE which means you should ask me shit instead of this guy
trump french
Trump didn't want a EUROPEAN Army, they wanted the countries who didn't spend eneugh on the NATO armies to increase their spendings.
lil peep or xxxtentacion
Not a big fan of people acting like thugs when they are in fact pussies that beat up girlfriends
lil peep or xxxtentacion
I dislike both but would revive XXX since he got shot by someone else and lil peep was just a druggie that OD'd
WESG Qualifiers
Failed the post layout there but you get the gist, it makes little to no sene at all
Gay pros?
shox and smithzz
Dutch Speakwords
'' speakwords ''
I'm Ukrainian (CIS) Ask me anything
Ukraine isn't CIS nt prodka
wtf nicknames
Oskar real name tomas