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Cold igl?
Aleksib tier 1 igl
Create A National Team
Coldzera Felps Kscerato Yuurih - Falem
faze fix
Karrigan has good players in mouz and cant win a shit, washed igl with bad fire potential, Faze Need some new igl and maybe some skilled player too. I would try bring Blamef for olof And maybe some aw...
Cold to New MIBR?
Vini play as support in Furia, the same role that coldzera used to play in MIBR.
Man, olof is washed up, look hes last Maps on faceit, hes playing very bad
Furia coldzera
Best lineup for MiBR would be: Kngv Coldzera Felps Boltz/vsm Trk/chelo
Furia coldzera
Man, they are playing good online, but how they were playing in lan angainst europe teams, do you remember?
Furia coldzera
Yes, sure, one of the best players to touch cs go would ruin Furia.
Furia coldzera
I mean, Furia os playing amazing, and Vini is an average player, but once they start playing lan in europe, they will not keep this level with this roster, and a full brazilian team would be perfect f...
What a snake, he invited coldzera to Faze, because they were best friend and wanted to play togheter, and now he are leaving the team.
Faze Fix
-Niko +S1mple
MIBR Best Choise
Maybe Exit could be a good option
S1mple Underrated ????
He’s not overrated, he cant be compared for exemple With coldzera, who was back to Back major winner and mvp with over 1.40 rating, s1mple is awesome but he beber carried hes team in a major, he had m...
Make a 1.6 legend team
Cogu NEO F0rest Get_Right Heaton
MIBR recent news
Kngv Trk Felps Boltz Exit