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Niko Runing Faze
I mean, the team has nice players, cold and niko are world class players, rain is good player, olof even not in hes best form are still a good player, but the team just dont work, broky is also a good...
Niko Runing Faze
would be better with karrigan as igl for sure, but i also dont think karrigan would be the ideal igl for faze, the actual meta in cs go is to have igl's who can frag, the best teams in the word right ...
Niko Runing Faze
hard to say because i don't know if Ynk has power to make this kind of decisions, since Niko has more prestigy in the team than Him
Top 5 2019
Zywoo S1mple Device Elige Electronic/Brehze
MiBR real FiX he was banned in november 2018, and he got 2 years ban, so in november of 2020 he is free to play m...
Best CS Lineup All Time?
2003/2004 SK or eoLithic 2002
CS GO Best Core
They only had one major before Magisk leave, im talking skillwise, fallen fer and cold won many big Tournaments always playing with shit teammates, Astralis core just could dominate when magisk came
MiBR real FiX
Bit? Really? 31 years old, washed up, IGl And no firepower
CS GO Best Core
no they are not, skillwise sk core was much better, everyone in sk core was already top 3, fallen was top 2, cold top 1 two times, fer was already top 3 in 2017, jw rating 2.0 is pretty poor this last...
MiBR real FiX
MiBR core are still a tier S core with fer and falle, they just need more firepower, anyway mibr is much better team and org than sharks, vsm ban end in the end of 2020, and he just can’t play majors,...
NiKo and Coldzera
Fer and Cold
FaZe needs a proper igl and awp
Aleksib would be perfect, many player in faze could be great awpers, coldzera, Niko, Olof, even broke
Niko waste of talent
They didn’t had the same team as they have now, wich I think is much better with coldzera and broky, also Neo never proved himself as igl.
Niko waste of talent
the team would gain much more as him and coldzera being the starplayers, because they could carry the team for many titles, with a good igl and niko in the best form, this team would go far for sure
most boring maps in CSGO
Nuke, dust 2, vertigo