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Fallen won the 1x1 vs Fer hahaha
best lineup in ur nation
Coldzera Fallen Fer Kscerato Taco
S1mple (2018) vs Coldzera (2016)
MiBR will fail
They did win, but aqui members already said that he didnt fit só well with fer because both are too agressive, they had a good streak but you could cleary notice that the team needed something
MiBR will fail
Also kscerato is a passível lurker like MiBR need, i think when you have the toguro piece, you need to take it, 100000 dolars van be the difference between an new era and another fail
MiBR will fail
But Felps didnt fit well with fer, kscerato is an amazinh player and its a deal, he is very touch and promissor, i think he do worth this money
MiBR will fail
They should pay this money
MiBR will fail
They should pick kscerato, Felps didnt fit on the tema in 2018, and wont fit now
biggest heart pro player?
Of course if he accepted the things he have fauth, but for me that not a problem at all, because is business, the orgs are he’s work, if some player are not performing in the level they need, they ca...
biggest heart pro player?
Dude, i was writing in my Phone and very fast, than sometimes my IPhone word broker changed the words and i Didnt notice, and some agreement mistakes can happen in those situations
biggest heart pro player?
Im not saying hes an angel, im only explaning the situations that he put, Fer already explained in a video about the twins, he said that he told fallen that he would leave if Didnt change players
biggest heart pro player?
Now i know that you dont know bolhinhas about br scene The player already said that only fallen Didnt wanted to change the Org, but the other players of the team did, about lucas and hen1 fer wasnt f...
biggest heart pro player?
for example?
biggest heart pro player?
FalleN Stream
but he's stream reach over 16k and all of this money he sent to bravado